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International 4400 v1
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International 4400 v1

I am not the creator of this mod, i have converted it from FS 15 to FS 17, overal it works great!


  • Chevyboy96
    2017-03-21 22:52
    this is when i had a guest account its being uploaded from my account now.
  • Taylen
    2017-03-21 23:03
    Did you convert the trailer also?
  • Chevyboy96
    2017-03-21 23:09
    yes i will upload the trailer also @TAYLEN
  • Chevyboy96
    2017-03-21 23:10
    i am having some troubles with the lights and getting the trailer door to come down but i am currently working on it!
  • Taylen
    2017-03-21 23:12
    And this is a RAR file I cant get it into my game how do I do that
  • Chevyboy96
    2017-03-21 23:32
    to make it easy you could download winrar. and did you try extracting the file to your fs 17 mod folder?
  • Guest
    2017-03-22 03:08
    Why am I sitting on some guys lap? :P
  • Chevyboy96
    2017-03-23 22:04
    i dont know lol
  • Zzzzz
    2017-03-24 21:24
    truck needs a lot of work, exterior's not bad it looks nice, but interior severely needs a lot of work like more detailed/realistic & fix the issue of 2 drivers sitting on each others lap i don't like that, in my opinion this truck should have stayed in 15 & not been converted.
  • Max


    2017-06-27 05:15
    For those that are having trouble with this mod. The only programs capable of converting rar to zip are Win Zip, Winrar or if ur on Windows7 7Zip.
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