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JD 8330/8370R Jkidd's EDIT v1.2
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JD 8330/8370R Jkidd's EDIT v1.2

Bricke1994's Edit of "TechMod a.s." JD8370R. Great tractor. I Have done a ton of work to it.

-Revamped Dirt textures
  * Cab gets dusty. (Steering wheel, Floor, And walls/ceiling.
  * Authentic Dirt on all of tractor.
- ReAdjusted All Default, and Work light positions/Angles (Brighter/Wider high beams and work lights
- Removed Work light, and Mid Light Coronas (visibility in mind)
- New Gloss Texture For Bonnet
- Added Objects for cab. (Junchbox, CB, Phone, Samsung Tablet, Papers, ECT)
- New Emissive textures for all backlit buttons, tablet, phone, and CB.

TechMod a.s.

  • ....
    2016-12-07 21:13
    hear we go adding stupid shit to a mod
  • To the hater
    2016-12-08 01:12
    If you dont like it dont download it i spent 5 days. and it certainly wasnt for your needs. grow up and deal with it. i made this for me just thought it would be nice to share it.So with that in mind GTFO..
  • Eagle355th
    2016-12-08 08:57
    Great job. Thank you!
  • Bricke1994
    2016-12-08 14:22
    No problem man! Nice 8530 BTW.
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