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JD 8530 Farming simulator 17 v2.2
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JD 8530 Farming simulator 17 v2.2

edited version
IC control
now runs on the Dedi Server (long tested)

Modell: Rysiu77, Manuel Leithner, MajsteR, dj0000ro

  • Mike james wallace
    2016-12-03 17:28
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    your fake "fog-MIST" light destroys the mod, so unpack the mod in a folder, open with 7.0.5, create new cam, choose cam, and delete the FOG/MIST. now choose & go to main cam, delete the cam you made, save, pack mod, enjoy a tractor without the fake fog/mist.
  • Chris france
    2016-12-04 18:18
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    dommage que le moteur du 600 ph ne soit pas adapté a ce tracteur qui est magnique
  • Eagle355th
    2016-12-06 07:23
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    I tried to do that fog mist remove but didn't work for me. Personally I like the mod.
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