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John Deere 524K v2
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John Deere 524K v2

I added black smoke and a strobe light to this loader.
Author: Dietz Modding, Richwoodrocket(add beacon and smoke)

Dietz Modding, Richwoodrocket(add beacon and smoke)

  • Silviu1993
    2017-06-30 18:30
    mod video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL8kMIvnDNw
  • Dietzmods
    2017-07-01 07:25
    Richwoodrocket, Yes I built this loader from scratch, and yes I have a large amount of time into it, and I hand mad the LCD screen, and Keypad in Paint.net. Thanks for keeping My credits in it.
  • Funtex
    2017-07-01 15:56
    It is very much apreciated, quite simply one of the best mods out there. enjoying it imensely . . .
  • Zzzzz
    2017-07-02 05:46
    this great mod is greatly appreciated is there a rear attacher on this V2?
  • Built from scratch
    2017-07-03 10:10
    loader built from scratch my ass, 90% of it is turbosquid model
  • Ash1223
    2017-07-03 18:12
    thank you for keeping credits also built from scratch how about you make a danm mod this good kid
  • Dietzmods
    2017-07-03 18:35
    Thanks ASH1223, Hes just mad because he can't model, and by the way that Turbosquid model completely incorrect. and completely garbage. But thats alright you can keep on hating.
  • Xrenegade
    2017-07-05 00:56
    can someone find me a silage blade for a John deere 9560R for farming simulator 17
  • Jon


    2017-07-07 16:18
    This is an outstanding mod, One of the best wheeled loaders I have used. There is a huge lack of telehandlers and wheled loaders in this game. I like the details and the sound. To the guy that made this, well done and thank you.
  • Except......
    2017-08-13 03:24
    I can't stand the camera movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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