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John Deere 7200 24 Row Planter Update v1.1.1
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John Deere 7200 24 Row Planter Update v1.1.1

Update: Planter has been fixed so it will now plant corn and sunflowers as well as all other crops except for potatoes. Planter can also now be filled with liqued and dry fertilizer where as in version 1.0.0 it could only use dry fertilizer.

Capacities are based on real world values of 1.6 bu seed boxes and 1 800 gal fertilizer tank (converted to liters). Feel free to edit to your preference and play style.
Has particle animations, tire tracks, and rotating trash wheels, disc openers, gauge wheels, and closing wheels.
Version 2 will hopefully have animated row markers and will get dirty.
Error and warning free, if for some reason I did miss something please let me know.
Feel free to upload wherever but please keep the original credits!
Credits: Giants, Knagsted, TorqueWrench1, Farmboy1539

Giants, Knagsted, TorqueWrench1, Farmboy1539

  • Name
    2016-12-07 07:13
    planter sinks in the ground when unhooked from tractor and impossible to hook back up. doesnt matter if on grass dirt or concrete
  • Kcwk
    2018-05-04 03:26
    no it does not ass
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