Farming simulator 2019 mods
John Deere 7930 TwinWheels & 1910 Seeder v1.0
5 4 2 1989

John Deere 7930 TwinWheels & 1910 Seeder v1.0

There is 2 John Deere 7930 350 hp 39 mph
F17 John Deere 1910 Seeder Sowing machine Speed 12mph
wheat barley rape soybean oilseed Radish grass sunflower maize potato sugarBeet sugarCane
Log is error free Have Fun Enjoy!

Giants Software, Eagle355th, Aaron6446

  • Trops60
    2018-07-22 18:36
    love the seeder so far, works great on the welker farm map, now if there could be a disc plow with the same meters, with a trailer attachment that u could hook the seeder up behind it, also the seed trailer needs a little help with the back up
  • Eagle355th
    2018-07-23 07:19
    I know about it.. I'll work on making a Plow to go with it.. but it takes a lot of time.. Have a nice day
  • Eagle355th
    2018-07-23 07:21
    That one video has nothing to do with the JD pack crazy people lol
  • Trops60
    2018-07-23 21:26
    great , looking forward to trying it when you're finished with it
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