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John Deere 8970 v1.0
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John Deere 8970 v1.0

Tex Flick sent this Johndeere tractor to me to use on my farming simulator 2017 game to play with, claiming that he made the model from scratch, and that he scripted it, what ever that means. but my one friend told me that some brazilian guys actually cretaed this. So since that tex person wanted me to kep it privte, but he lied to me i want to share with you all my friends.

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  • Jackson huge nuts
    2017-07-23 23:35
    What piece of equipment is that being pulled?
  • Mateus kronbauer
    2017-07-23 23:47
    I leak this deer to piss of tex
  • Modleaker
    2017-07-23 23:51
  • Catfishjohn_1979
    2017-07-24 00:01
  • Dumb nutz
    2017-07-24 00:02
    Welp All hell is loose
  • Catfish
    2017-07-24 00:04
    Wow someone trying to steal my name... he for once i didn't have anything to do with it... lmao
  • Lbj dmd
    2017-07-24 00:46
    Hur dur
  • Kmn modding
    2017-07-24 01:23
    I would like to admit my guilt. i leaked the 8970 because i felt that the community needed this after Rafa lied about releasing it. Sorry Rafael.
  • Random dude who knows kmn
    2017-07-24 03:38
    You can't believe a statement like that when its posted on a website where you can write in a random name each post.
  • Abel_modding
    2017-07-24 04:10
    Piece of SHIT!!!!!!!!
  • Joe_lindberg
    2017-07-24 04:11
    I am AWESOME!!!!
  • Brad_suhr
    2017-07-24 04:12
    I shall post this on AEM... Thanks!!!!!1
  • Rory_kain
    2017-07-24 04:13
    I shall take lots of pics and claim it as mine!!!!!
  • Guy who is smart
    2017-07-24 05:18
    rory go ahead and claim it as your own just like you did with the umrv map... smh you are a waste of breath on this green earth
  • Vegueta
    2017-07-24 05:33
    una lastima que pase esto amigos, mas para el que creo el mod, pero solo hay dos cosas por hacer en este mundillo.. liberarlo usted mismo en todas las paginas posibles donde se permita subir enlace original o no liberarlo ni a su propia madre!! XDpor lo pronto yo lo editare para dejarlo mas guapo XDDDDDDDDDDD
  • Brad
    2017-07-24 05:42
    if you're going to try to frame me Christopher at least make it seem legit. SMH
  • Christopher
    2017-07-24 05:46
    Ill try next time
  • Kmn modding
    2017-07-24 07:48
    I am a retarded piece of shit who thought i could leak mods on here and not get caught lol. How stupid am I? Answer is really retarded actually
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-24 11:22
    mod video here.........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW39K_ihBnU
  • Entertainment
    2017-07-24 20:53
    This comment section is awesome. People are hilarious when it comes to this game. Here's a little secret; if you don't won't your mods leaked, then don't give them to anyone. Not even your "closest" internet friends. Because they will end up on modhub for everyone to enjoy. That's all
  • Me


    2017-07-25 04:17
    Joe Lindberg is really Tex Flick. They are both cuntheads
  • Jdboy
    2017-07-25 04:48
    No, this mod will not be going on AEM. Thanks for the shout-out though. XD
  • Kevin
    2017-07-26 03:38
    All these butthurt cunts. rory and andrew smith lol.
  • I am all yalls moms
    2017-08-03 17:34
  • Gage
    2017-08-04 03:34
    can some one help me i can not get any of my mods off of this website to my save games and i have followed all of the steps
  • Okiejoe
    2017-09-06 20:17
    I don't know what everybody is up in the air about the mod is a piece of shit....lol
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