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John deere 8R us v3.0
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John deere 8R us v3.0

this is kevin meyhoffs usa 8R
relased with permision trent anderson.

kevin meyhoff
KNM modding
Trent anderson

  • Johnny big d
    2017-06-17 20:37
    is this going to start a shit storm???
  • Mjd farms
    2017-06-17 21:00
    Trent Anderson didnt upload this Chase Andrew Smith did!
  • Lone tree ridge farms
    2017-06-17 21:06
    For anyone that downloads this, it is set up to use the Helecopter Tanks, If you like it, Send KMN Modding a message thanking him for the time he put into it. Its not the latest verson, that is still being worked on. But it should work.
  • Hmadsen
    2017-06-17 21:15
    Thanks guys / Modders.
  • Name
    2017-06-18 22:56
    you guys are a buch of mother fucking duch bags on this site oh its fot errors its got bugs have any of you two timing rejects ever farmed in our life before? more than likely not fucking dip shits that sit on a website downloading mods and bitch about them worse than a grandma on depends. get fucking life fucking dipshit rejects
  • Name
    2017-06-18 23:04
    hopefully this can replace the 8530 that ive been using since FS2015
  • Whatever
    2017-06-19 01:20
    There hasn't been a single piece of john deere equipment made for farm sim that didn't suck. Some just suck harder than others
  • Awoods
    2017-06-20 05:00
    How do you get the front and middle helicopter tanks to attach, I can only get one or the other attached at a time??
  • Some just suck...
    2017-06-21 05:24
    ...more hard cuck to be brutally honest mo-fo.
  • Willey
    2017-06-23 01:12
    Hands down.....this is the best JD8000 series mod out, thank you..... thank you to ever made this....excellent job!!!! .....cant wait for the 9000 series...I will post pics soon....:)
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