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John Deere HPX-Gator v1.0
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John Deere HPX-Gator v1.0

Hello one more time farmers
Here I present a new modification edited by my XD
Is not 100% complete but fully functional
Has lights
Has a footprint on the wheels
Has fastening bands
2 types of tires to choose
and more
Wait for more updates for this mods
I always have many hours of work, have fun
If they find some error leave it in the comments


  • Still bad
    2017-03-18 05:23 Send message
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    Still using the bad copy I see, we had the whole mod working in 15, back end dumping and with fully working and dumping trailer too. could hold all crops and dump just like real life gator, chump modders LOLLOLOLLOL
  • Dreammaker
    2017-03-19 02:23 Send message
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    ok why use download links that pop ads up all over the place
  • Tyler
    2017-06-02 21:35 Send message
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    i put it in the game but it is not showing its there
  • Vinny's lawn care
    2018-08-31 22:31 Send message
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    Tyler, did you update your game to the newest version? i had trouble downloading all the mods out their bec my game was the version when it came out lol
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