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John Deere Serie 5M v3.0
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John Deere Serie 5M v3.0

The new version of the popular tractor
The ability to choose the modification: 5085M-5150M
Power - 83-152 hp
Mirrors (in the version with cab)
Animation dashboard
IC - Contol (on version with cab)
Opened the door, rear window and the door (on the version with cab)
Speedometer and tachometer (a speedometer and Digital)
The choice of wheels (Nokian, grass, etc.)
The choice of fastening front loader
The deformation of the wheels
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable


  • Josh
    2017-01-29 00:10
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    Where is change shit FAKE_Modding here!
  • Blake
    2017-01-29 17:36
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    how is this any diff from the original V2? looks like you just re-uploaded and changed the number.
  • Guest
    2017-01-29 21:49
    0 0
    encore un enfant qui s'amuse à publier une fausse version " v3.0" juste pour faire chier l'auteur du mod. cette communauté est vraiment lamentable voila pourquoi les moddeurs ne veulent plus rien partager en publicbravo gamin continue comme sa
  • Kyle
    2017-09-04 07:31
    0 0
    i have tried to down 3 mods from this website in the last 15 minutes and when they get down to 3 or 4 mb left it quits and says network error.
  • Name
    2019-03-03 00:20
    0 0
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