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Kamaz 658667 + Trailer T83090 v1.0
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Kamaz 658667 + Trailer T83090 v1.0

Kamaz 658667 with hook gripper multi-lift for ITRunner equipment, as well as trailer T83090 for transportation in for Farming Simulator 17. Choice of colors. Animation of the device, suspension, cardans. Deformation of tires. Control hook on KamAZ as standard, the “X” key, and with the mouse. Wash them. Traces and dust from the wheels. The physics is adjusted. Technical specifications are adjusted for real. LOG is clean.

As a basis, models from PAK-KamAZ from Eraevgenij were taken and remade.
Unfortunately, the models were not 100%, more experience is not enough.

Ways of loading / unloading and recommendations:
1 – for loading / unloading to the ground – standard key “X”;
2 – for loading / unloading on the trailer – lower the hook (you can use the mouse or “X”) -> pick up the container on the ground -> drag KAMAZ only with the mouse -> unload the mouse onto the trailer -> unhook.

I recommend before saving the game, if you load the mouse on KamAZ, then unload the body to the ground or to the trailer, well, or carry out the procedure in the 1st way.
Unfortunately, I did not find another normal way of loading onto the trailer.


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    here is the mod review I didhttps://youtu.be/orCr5q8RlgE
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    update: http://uploadfiles.eu/v9ks0yu7bx7r/KamAZ_658667_T83090_v1.zip.html
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    mod review here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLmFY_1AixI&t=4s
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