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Kamaz 68900R v1.1
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Kamaz 68900R v1.1

Grain truck 68900R on the chassis KAMAZ-43118 is used to transportirovki bulk agricultural cargoes weighing up to 10 tons on all kinds of roads and under field conditions.

Power-260 HP
Max. speed-90 km/h.
The choice of color.
In the car body 16 is placed 100 liters. Advanced modification allows you to take up to 26 600 liters.
Body removable and designed to carry all cultures. Plus supported transportation of silage.
Animated fan, instrument panel, flying in all directions, pieces of dirt.
Good lighting, can be washed.
Clean log.

Body – “Ice-t”; Model – Eraevgenij; refinement and tuning: Shoker; 3D models: Evgen333.

  • Dima1499
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    mod stolen with my screenshots!!! please remove!!!!
  • Silviu1993
    2017-09-16 19:40 Send message
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    mod video here................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2lClXnrHVA
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