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KAZ Pack v1.0.0.1 1.4.4
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KAZ Pack v1.0.0.1 1.4.4

In the pack includes:
1) truck KAZ-606. Power: 90-110 l/s, speed: 65 km/h Two engines to choose from, color choice, the animation is tidy and cardan.
2) tractor KAZ-608В. Power: 150 HP, speed: 80 km/h. color Choice, two wheels, three kinds of design, tow hitch, animation is tidy and cardan.
3) Side dump truck KAZ-4540. Power: 160-180-210 l/s, speed: 80 km/h Three engines to choose from, three types of body (7000/9000/14000 l), the animation is tidy and cardan coupling.
4) the Trailer KAZ-8535. Three types of body (7000/9000/14000 l), locking swivel trucks, trailers, and shoes.
5) Semi-KAZ-717. Two types of body (11500/25500 l), color choice, two wheels, open side, straps, tow.
6) semi Trailer-cattle (9 cows, 14 pigs, 15 sheep). Two types of wheels, the animation of the trawl.
7) Food semi-trailer Odaz-794 (12000 l). Two versions: with and without AUTOFIT.
8) Grocery ALKA semi-trailer 13 (15000 l). The choice of color of the trailer and wheels, two wheels, open doors, tow. Two versions: with and without AUTOFIT. 8) Semi-mukovoza (16000 liters), two types of wheels.
9) semi-Trailer truck (8 m). Avtopogruzchik, two types of wheels, belts.

Everything is included in the composition of the pack soiled and washed. The log is clean.

Authors: FS2013; Adsumus; irakls; Andy_V(director); Oleg Envelope

FS2013; Adsumus; irakls; Andy_V(director); Envelope Oleg

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