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Kenworth W900A Manure Spreader v1
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Kenworth W900A Manure Spreader v1

I have converted my Manure spreader from 15 to 17 for you guys. Error free.

Dietz Modding

  • Other
    2017-03-27 09:17
    FSASMC Converted this Mod to FS15 to FS17 NOT U !!
  • Unknown
    2017-03-27 09:23
    To Other: I'm pretty sure the original model was made by Mr Dietz. He is just ensure he gets proper credit for his work.
  • Spectrum69
    2017-03-27 10:11
    yes convert by fsasmc
  • @fsasmc
    2017-03-27 10:12
    FSASMC is nothing but a bunch of mod thieves..yall take mods and delete the credits and put yours in and say u built it in which u didn't
  • Here we go
    2017-03-27 12:22
    At retard above you really need to learn to read. Giants owns these mods not you or anyone ounce they are put on the net they are fare and free game for everyone to do what they choose with. Stop crying over that's mine or that s my butt buddies.
  • Weslox1998
    2017-03-27 14:58
    @HERE WE GO. Have you read the user agreement of giants. since 17 the rights belong to the maker and if violated you can take legal action if you want.And this mod was original made by Dietz.
  • Dietzmods
    2017-03-27 17:56
    Sorry to bust your little bubble @Other. This mod was created by Dietz Modding In FS15 and I converted it to 17. I'm just insuring that FSASMC doesn't get a chance remove my credits.
  • Jim


    2017-03-27 18:12
    LMAO.... Ya'll need help. Like really bad help. Just a FARM game...You get it...a FARMMMMM game. A 20 dollar cheap ass game. Get a life folks. Go get a JOB. Do something damn!!!
  • ....
    2017-03-27 19:45
    ok yes giants may own it but..some of y'all fuck sticks aka little bitches that probably live in your mommy basement dont know how much time mod builders put into a mod its all ways good and shows respect to leave the credits in the mod but can add to it if needed to...just to let y'all know yes its just a game but if it wasn't for us mod builders y'all wouldn't have no mods for fs 17 or 15
  • Guest
    2017-03-28 13:25
    @.... It is it's and always dumbass not its and all ways. Finish the 5th grade before you post a comment.
  • @weslox1998
    2017-03-28 14:53
    Yes it says rights belong to the user unless put out for distribution meaning uploaded to the net after that its able to have what ever done to it and sorry but if your gonna cry over your fucking name in the credits grow the fuck up truly sad how many cry babies are out there and Weslox1998 if you wanna take legal action be my guest I really don't care enjoy wasting your parents money I'm sure there welfare checks will go far.
  • Copenhagen
    2017-03-29 05:06
    wait hold up legal action WTF LMAO i think i have done seen it all hahahahah...stupid people
  • Xd fucking idoits
    2017-03-29 05:13
    @weslox1998 you must be a fucking retard no way impossible you can take legal action. for 1 its going to hard for you to find the person and 2 the judge plus the attorney will just laugh at you for trying to sue someone over a mod.
  • @weslox1998
    2017-03-29 15:34
    He is just pissed his junk mods and map that are on his sight aren't good enough to post on here lmfao.
  • @....
    2017-03-29 15:38
    Ok they time they put into mods. Really most of them are buying mods form polygonish or other 3d model sights that are out there. Very few and I mean very few actually build there stuff from scratch. Respect for what the credit they want for creating a hole mod BULLSHIT. I will give credit where it is deserved not to some bunch of little pricks in a game.
  • Eagle355th
    2017-03-31 18:55
    Thanks for the truck.
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