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Kootenay Valley Homesteader v4.0
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Kootenay Valley Homesteader v4.0

This is Kootenay Valley High Country, Hard Start, and Overgrown. You begin with only the Hurliman, a small trailer and a saw.
-All 7 owned fields are now overgrown,  must be cleared of trees.
-Most roadways have become covered in long grass.
-Farmyard has been mostly removed,  ready for your buildings.
-There are 2 large purchasable fields.
-Moved log sellpoint at Back Country Lumber Mill.
-Fixed bridge approach at Hillside Mill.
-Hillside Mill functioning as it should.
-Fixed a bunch of floating trees.
-Various terrain improvements.
-Start from scratch.


  • Poncho
    2020-03-22 23:52
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    I discovered a floating tree on the edge of field 5... FDR's Stump-grinder has a high enough reach to dispose of it however, so i chopped it down while standing on top of a tractor, then took FDR's Stump-grinder to it and it was easily removed. My apologies, just wanted you guys to know these things are often fixable in game. : )
  • Twistedone
    2020-07-07 16:32 Send message
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    I can get all maps loaded except for any of yours. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Name
    2020-07-19 08:04
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    Good here.
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