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Kotte Universal Pack v2.0.x
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Kotte Universal Pack v2.0.x

Here is the Kotte Universal Pack for FS 17

The pack contains 10 items. Here is a listing with all the items.
Below listed items are for all liquids except fuel
There is a fuel trailer in the pack

Truck MAN 3 axle
Capacity: 50.000 ltr
Price: € 97.000,- dailykeep: € 240,-

transport tank to be attached to tractor
Capacity: 2.000 ltr
Price: € 1.000,- dailykeep € 5,-

1 axle trailer for use with tractor
Capacity: 15.000 ltr
Price: € 25.000,- dailykeep: € 15,-

2 axle trailer for use with tractor
Capacity: 30.000 ltr
Price: € 50.000,- dailykeep € 250,-

3 axle trailer for use with tractor
Capacity: 50.000 ltr
Price: € 102.000,- dailykeep € 700,-

3 axle Semi trailer for use with truck
Capacity: 70.000 ltr
Price: € 110.000,- dailykeep € 107,-

Storage tank small for IT-Runner
Capacity: 50.000 ltr
Price: € 35.000,- dailykeep € 28,-

Storage tank big for use with tractor
Capacity: 200.000 ltr
Price: € 50.000,- dailykeep € 42,-

***** Fuel ******
Fueltank for use with tractor
Capacity: 42.500 ltr
Price: € 80.000,- dailykeep € 80,-

All credits go to Farmer Andy
Modifications Rolam

  • Dziku
    2017-01-07 18:35
    Works great, I only don't know how to fill Truck MAN 3 axle with water.
  • Faelandaea
    2017-01-09 04:44
    @Dziku ... That has never worked. Also, not even sure what's up with this upload, as there have been absolutely no changes in this pack from the prior version, which is already available on the in-game mod-hub. But yeah, water in the 3-axle MAN truck was disabled by the mod authors for some reason, which they will not say.
  • 7up


    2017-01-11 00:09
    The fill capacity has been upgraded significantly it's the only change done with this version.
  • Dalthamion
    2017-01-26 23:12
    Will this mod ever work on a dedicated server?
  • Murderinspree
    2017-03-08 08:09
    PLEASE fix this mod so it works on dedi servers. when i buy any of them they float in the air and do not show up in the list of owned equipment (only 2 trailers work, the yellow fuel tanker and the 200000L tanker that sits on the ground) love the capacities and color options. please fix it for servers please. if you want to see what im talking about, find me on twitch (twitch.tv/murderinspree)
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