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Krampe Bandit 750 v2 blackbuty
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Krampe Bandit 750 v2 blackbuty

Hello Love Com
I introduce you hir Today the Version 2 15 never came to DL now for LS 17 for disposal and hope that you will have fun with it in LS :)

What has been done all this?
- Made car completely in Maya apart and re-shoring parts
- Hydraulic hoses installed front of the band and created rear with and
Edited tarpaulin in Maya and adjusted and fitted with function -
- Plane buying open
Fitted brackets for the tensioning belts -
- Position and tail lamps replaced with new ones
- Exchanged reflectors
- Splash guard fitted with Krampe advertising
- New Krampe installed advertising to the unloading and old deleted
- Completely new lighting installed by "LS 17 LED Tuning"
To see LED optics and reflective lights on Kipper from the Coronas -
- Built beacons on the Abladeklappe
- Lightbeams installed on reversing light
- Mark "LS 17" fitted with a normal map and plate light
- 2 Reifensystheme - Standard tires without tire label / wide tire with lettering
- Changed the tire pressures
Installed color choice for rims -
- Price changes
- Small obtische things installed as a broom and shovel
- Hydraulic connections installed (without function)

The mod has been tested and is error free, it is prohibited to other pages to load it without credit high or changing it

Wishes enjoy using it

MFG Ahran / Bavaria Modding

Modell: Gaints / Ahran - Bavaria Modding (LS17 Technik) / John Deere 5615F - LS 17 LED TEchnik (TZG) / LS17 Werkstatt
Textur: Gaints / Ahran - Bavaria Modding (LS17 Technik) und Dritte
Script: Gaints
Idee / Konzept: Ahran - Bavaria Modding (LS17 Technik)
Tester: Ahran - Bavaria Modding (LS17 Technik) / John Deere 5615F - LS 17 LED TEchnik (TZG) / LS17 Werkstatt
Sonstige: Licht Technik verbaut - John Deere 5615F - LS 17 LED TEchnik (TZG)

  • Idiots everywhere
    2016-10-31 22:27
    Looks good outside of those stupid white letter tires. Why is it that some modders actually think that farm equipment should have white letter tires? Beyond stupid. If it didnt have those I wold dl it.. but because of the idiotic decision to white letter the tires I will wait for a moder who has a brain.
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-31 23:29
    "IDIOTS EVERYWHERE" Maybe you should have dl it before you made yourself look like an ass with that comment. The white letters are an option in the mod, it has all black tires unless you want to change it to white letter tires as an option when you buy it. My hats off to the modder for giving ppl the option. Very nice mod, works as it should and looks great. THANK YOU FOR THIS. Keep up the good work
  • Ahran / bavaria modding
    2016-11-04 08:54
    To the two who are popping out here, which are the hir the idoten are you if my Mod does not like then leave it and the font have peasants with us in Germany her full post. So keep it if you do not like it !!!!!
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