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Kroger Man Pack v1.0.0
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Kroger Man Pack v1.0.0

MAN TGS 18.440 & Kroeger Agroliner MUK 303 with dynamic hoses and license plate
As you can see I have made something again.
I had already begun with LS 15 times, but somehow lost the desire to do so and the project was stored.
And I missed the Man TGS MAN 18.440 a Kröger body
And because I was already there, the Kroeger Agroliner MUK 303 missed a new substructure.
The Man has Dynamic Hose Ref and the hanger also has dynamic hoses and ref connectors at the back.
Both have a license plate for Blacky_BPG's registration script.
Truck and trailer run on LS 17 standard lighting with interior lighting and side marker lights.
Whether there will be an MR version I do not know.
Yes, that was all.

Giants Software
Xentro, Wopster, Jackaroo & BlackJack (bm-modding) - Für das DynamicHose Script & Couplings
Blacky_BPG - Nummernschild Script
Ifkonator - addStoreCategory Script

  • Josh
    2018-05-14 20:03 Send message
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    il y a pleins d'erreurs dans le log...
  • Vontir
    2018-05-15 03:45 Send message
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    mod non aboutit, beaucoup trop d'erreurs dans le log et gros problème au niveau des roues avant.
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