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Krone Optimat Miststreuer v1.0.0
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Krone Optimat Miststreuer v1.0.0

Here for you the well-known crown Optimat on user request now as a manure spreader.
- filling volume: 6500 liters
- Working width: 6.5 meters
- Price: 7500 €
- Daily costs: 18 €
- Ideal for smaller yards and older machines

LS15: Giants/LS-Pitstop (ernstl und TheMaiky1989)
LS17: TheMaiky1989
Umbau zum Miststreuer: TheMaiky1989
LS-Pitstop Team

  • Farmergord
    2018-04-14 22:33 Send message
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    Where is the best place to get mods improved? For example; Giving mods a bit of a shine rather than that stupid flat or matt finish with no detail. Gauges that are correct lighted and working. Is it easy to rip people off? I fear donating hard earned money and getting a hot mess for a mod. yes yes google But I thought I'd ask at the place where I get most of my mods. Thanks for the mod and hard work.
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