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KST Map v2.4.7
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KST Map v2.4.7

Here is my map that I've been working on for many months, It's completely error free with a ton of hidden features. Great for RP and testing out new mods. you must use my version of AAA_LS17_BuildingMaterials for the materials like Sand, Dirt, Asphalt, and more to show properly.

Aside from third party people that created objects, I take full credit on the map.

  • Ferrycap
    2018-04-28 16:07
    Is the truck on the ferry private?
  • Maximus
    2018-04-28 17:07
    salut mais c' est quoi cette carte on comprend rien il y a des point bleu dans les casernes mais a quoi cela sert il? rien ne se passe de plus aucun champs juste une =ville une foret quelques trigger de tp
  • Thecleaner
    2018-04-28 17:54
    Une bonne Mrd on comprend rien
  • Kst247
    2018-04-28 18:14
    there are instructions on the map when you spawn in. and if you read the description, its for RP mostly
  • Kst247
    2018-04-28 18:21
    and yes there are a few small fields for people like you who thing this is only a farming game.
  • Maximus
    2018-04-29 09:44
    hi kst tell me how to activate the blue light point in the barracks and on the fire mouth?
  • Kst247
    2018-04-29 19:19
  • Kst247
    2018-04-29 19:20
    start at 26:21
  • Tinushb02
    2018-05-13 03:18
    how do i install this map? i have looked trough many youtube videos, and i still can't get it..
  • Rees
    2018-05-13 08:50
    can i have a link to all needed mods plzlike the building materials and stuffK THX
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