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Lantmanen GOLD v7.0
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Lantmanen GOLD v7.0

Update farm , wood and more.
This map built as I want it, Not like you but me. Update the farm and the forest. Building on sometimes sitting plays on it so loads up for your sake. Not for me because I already have it.
The farm received two new silo wells. Find the farming simulator website.
The sawmill had a new look. So now produce in two places. Each saw holds 800,000.
The tile comes out the same as the tile.
The farm is the place for placement tools and silo.
1 workshop and 2 garage

Lantmanen FS

  • Jörgen mortensen
    2017-07-22 00:41
    Hej Thomas, i love this map,but how can i take the plazferstone on mainefar away i dont like them,sorry
  • @jÖrgen mortensen
    2017-07-22 05:03
    Lantmanen FS made the map Thomas just upload it to modhub
  • Jörgen mortensen
    2017-07-22 09:21
    ok,i vil write FS thanks
  • Name
    2017-07-23 04:02
    Thomas steal all mods for re-upload them with new links
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