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Liebherr LTM1300 v0.1 beta
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Liebherr LTM1300 v0.1 beta

my first crane Liebherr LTM1300 All light, rope and physic
but if you found a bug, mistake or lost, leave me message tks
good games bye

Model: Construction simulator dlc
Texture: Construction simulator dlc
Script: Thomsult
Idea / Concept: Thomsult
Testing: Thomsult

  • Thom
    2017-12-17 11:56
    http://sharemods.com/cn0bwfl7j4z1/Liebherr_LTM1300.zip.htmlOriginal link tks
  • Bruno
    2017-12-18 11:13
    it's in the shop, but keeps loading when you buy it .
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-18 14:26
    mod video here..............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsoxKoUDmpY
  • Thom
    2017-12-18 19:39
    it's not compatible with Tire dirt or like mod
  • Wtf


    2018-01-13 17:29
    What is the key command to lower and raise the hook/rope?
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