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Lizard TX 190 Flatbed v1.0
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Lizard TX 190 Flatbed v1.0

This is a modification of Kwcountry & Richwoodrocket's Kenworth Flatbed.  It works great with the Joskin Wago Loader or gooseneck PJ trailers.  It also now fits through barn doors and the rear trailer atachment is standard.

Price: §79,000
Maintenance: §110/day
Power: 390HP
Fuel: 379L

Thank you, and enjoy! Cotton

Kwcountry, Richwoodrocket(added flatbed and tension belts), Cotton (altered, edited, & tested).

  • David
    2017-02-21 22:59
    Wow I knew I had seen that name somewhere before in the fs forum you got help with this mod from thunderhawk wow all that help he gave you and no credit to him he must not be happy you would not have this up if was not for him wow what people there is now days damn
  • Cotton
    2017-02-22 14:05
    Yes, thunderhawk is awesome, and if he were upset, it would still be none of your business. However, let me take the time to go ahead & give a shout-out to thunderhawk for giving some VERY helpful advice - THANK YOU THUNDERHAWK!
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