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Los Grandes Terrenos 2017 v1.0.6.0
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Los Grandes Terrenos 2017 v1.0.6.0

Tiene versiones Tres mapa (2013, 2015, 2017).

New version
Cow mixer has been added in your area.
Seed and fertilizer creators have been added on the farm.

En Esta versión de 2017 ha estado de Tratando Obtener la Estructura de los Campos, Que Un Poco Más Pequeña
Los AGRICULTORES ONU parrafo Poner las Emisiones.
Este pecado primera versión detelles MUCHOS Tiene salón, whichwill Ser incluido En Una versión futura.
Los Errores en el mapa Tienen Mediante el USO de Objetos de Diferentes Versiones de farmimg

Lobezno y Libre

  • Botrjoel
    2016-12-05 14:21
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    Really nice map but I can't find a way to buy livestock.
  • Peter
    2016-12-05 16:19
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    Yes very nice one, problems with straws on field # 6.
  • Patrick
    2016-12-05 18:05
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    Botrjoel you buy livestock near Yabba or bottom left side of map. It shows a cow with dollar bill.Its a good map but can please remove all the trees around the map and jus make a separate forest area or get rid of forestry.It lags out a lot on textures with all the trees
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-12-05 18:56
    0 0
    2 comments, 1. new mix feeder unit, is it only for operation using a "shovel" unit? 2. What is the trick in getting the cows to produce milk, All items are "green" accept the cleanliness bar, it is at zero percent ? Also is there a pick up point foe milk?
  • Wayne
    2016-12-07 08:16
    0 0
    yes it is a very nice map but way too many trees men need to do a way with them ..
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