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Mack Trident v3
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Mack Trident v3

Mack Trident is a familiar sight on Australian highways and for no reason: it is a versatile truck that can handle almost anything.
One of our biggest models, the Mack Trident, is extremely popular in demanding long-haul and heavy transport sectors.

TomizzleRaps, MJS

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    trailer link
  • Guest
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    At least it appears to have proper credits. No need to be salty lol.
  • Guest
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    and its full of mistakes anyway. Release the correct version when its fixed ;)
  • Modding=whining
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    So it got "leaked'. They are mods for Christ's sake, not gold. Funny, but most of these "leaked" mods have errors and conflicts with other mods anyway, and require people to either fix them or deal with it. Grow up, it's a game, not a goddamned life.
  • Mjs


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    @ME, hey coward, how bout you stop hiding behind a fake name if you even have the balls. I gave sime advice yes as the replies from Thomas are incredibly childish. Nothing wrong with helping....its called being a decent human being. Something you obviously know nothing about.
  • Admin
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    Hello everyone, admin here. This mod is a great mod and for everyone dissing it please stop. We know this was not meant to be uploaded to the mod site but we won't take it down because we are making revenue off of it. Thanks everyone.
  • Name
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    Everyone who thinks ADMIN is the ADMIN needs your heads read as they never respond too posts
  • Seanpierce
    2017-06-04 18:38 Send message
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    for one the admin never comments on post and 2 when you contact modhub there is no one to contact to you can only report things
  • Psmodding
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  • Tomizzleraps
    2017-06-05 09:56 Send message
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    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. And people wonder why this community has gone down hill.
  • Seanpierce19
    2017-06-07 21:02 Send message
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    https://www.facebook.com/seanpierce19 .My upload deal with it hehehe
  • Will
    2018-09-04 21:43 Send message
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    Nice truckBut I think something isn't right;The engine grumbles quite a bit,Accelerates a bit too fast,And at high speed, steering is sluggish...
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