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Madill 124 Grapple Yarder v1.0
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Madill 124 Grapple Yarder v1.0

Here's the Madill 124 Grapple Yarder. A Canadian-built monster of a machine built for the big timber and high slopes that the BC coast is known for. Unlike a normal yarder, there's no chokers or carriage but a grapple operated with cables and chains for yarding logs without the need for choker setters, although takes skill to operate. Addweight script is controlled by numpad Enter. Enjoy logging!

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  • Coltanium
    2019-07-01 04:31
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    A must have if your a logger.
  • Clay
    2019-11-18 04:14
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    noob here guys please help!! how do i install this to my game i cant get it to work following steps elsewhere
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