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Marshall MS105 v1
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Marshall MS105 v1

This is the Marshall MS105 rotary (flail) muck spreader from Giants Farming Simulator 15 Marshall DLC
It has been fully converted to FS17 and prices and capacity realistically set according to Marshalls own specifications.
The A.I. helper is fully working but as this spreader is most commonly found on smaller farms it's best used manually on those irregularly shaped UK styled farm fields.
Fully tested in MP (including Hired workers)
Animated top cover, and rotor flails.

Price: £8154
Wheel upgrade: £778
Capacity: 7956 ltrs
Daily running cost: £20
Required power/hp: 70kw/90hp
Working area: 6m
Working speed 12mph

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants (AO edited by Reef)
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Conversion to 17 by Reef
Tester: BulletBill83 / Neurotek

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