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MB Vito 2014 he pack v2.0
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MB Vito 2014 he pack v2.0

Version 2
- UV (skinbar)
- New tires
- Light overworked
- Other revisions

(ERROR: low beam light goes off; small log error wg textures)

Moin people we EGC-Modding Publish in this way our Vito_2014er pack to the community something to admit yes we all know that there are black sheep but there are also nice and grateful users who are grateful for each mod. This mod is from the community for the community you are allowed to develop the mod and continue to publish
This mod only works correctly with the ligth addon
This mod was built by Tobias / Eisenfreak and Nico / Nico the Farmer Basic Model By TZG
In this modpack are included ELW, MTW, BESTATTER and a civilian version Important: This mod must be unpacked
Well have fun with the Mod Mfg. EGC Modding

Modell: Grundmodell By TZG, Modell und weitere Sachen By Tobais/Eisenfreak
Textur: Nico/Nico der Farmer
Script: By EGC
Idee / Konzept: Tim,Tobi,Nico
Tester: Gesamter EGC

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