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MI26T v0.1
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MI26T v0.1

Transport Helicopter. I converted it over to 17 but from there I can't seem to get it to work. Maybe some else can, good luck.

I simply just converted it from 15 to 17. No clue who gets credit

  • Ich


    2017-04-13 11:56
    not loading is Damage
  • Toro
    2017-04-13 13:01
    HiSAR Helikopter please :DBut this mod is nice
  • Guest
    2017-04-13 20:26
    Why publish shit that doesn't work, if you are not smart enough to make it work, then quit fucking with mods and posting them so that people aren't wasting their time with downloading this kinda crap, to much shit being posted that doesn't work properly or work at all.
  • Trevorsigor
    2017-04-13 21:45
    GUEST +1
  • To the hero
    2017-04-14 00:11
    Be a hero, and repair this excellent mod. It was working in FS15 splendidly. I would really even pay for it, so good it was.
  • Guest 666
    2017-04-14 01:36
    Lol it specifies that it does not work... Why would you download something that specifically says "it does not work"..... Besides it's a game, what exactly is there to cry about???
  • Sturdy
    2017-04-14 09:12
    Error: Invalid 3-vector ''Error: Can't load resource 'data/vehicles/shared/hydraulicUp.wav'.Error: Can't load sample 'data/vehicles/shared/hydraulicUp.wav'.Warning (LUA): 'getXMLString': Argument 1 has wrong type. Expected: Int. Actual: Nil ..\..\..\src\base\scripting\lua\LuaScriptSystem.cpp (640): expectedType == Value::VoidType
  • Ronfs17junki
    2017-04-15 10:24
    It does not work
  • Ronfs17junki
    2017-04-15 10:27
    It does not work repaer it first
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-04-18 02:14
    Goto Modhoster, they have one that flies and works!!
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