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Mining & Construction Economy v0.3
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Mining & Construction Economy v0.3

If you are farming simulator purist then this map is not for you, because this map has many tasks to do instead of cultivating, harvesting, feeding animals etc.

Version 0.3
- Fix the triggers for toutvenant and asphalt (no more concrete).
- Fix discharge speed for toutvenant, asphalt and toutvenant
- Add two more wagons to the third train

This map is a modification of Goldcrest Valley.
What is new in this map:
This map has a open sky mine where you can extract stone, limestone, soil, coal and water.
You use the stone crusher for the production of gravel, sand and tailings. You use a limestone crusher for the production of cement. Use tout-venant facilities for production of tout-venant and use asphalt facilities for the production of asphalt
With the soil you can extract gold at goldmaster, the gold appears in a box and you can sell at the bank next to the store machine.
With the gravel, sand, cement, and tailings you can produce concrete at the concrete factory, and sell the concrete in the village construction area, also you can sell sand, gravel, and boardwoods.
In the sawmill exist a new facilitie for production boardwood.
All animal facilities (cows, sheeps, chickens and pigs) are in main farm.

Exist a third train in the mine to load sand, gravel and tailings and sell at the sell point in the railroad.
Please read this tutorial with calm and attention to avoid unnecessary questions. This map is easy to play if you understand how works all production facilities. You can therefore watch the videos tutorials.
You can find the tutorial in pdf here:  https://mega.nz/#!7lwwRI7J!mjMDhkRRbIMouq2d_eRntIYm8mP3ijHTyMi896I-SRw
This time I don´t release a modpack for this version of the map like I do for fs15 version. Some modders don´t like other modders change their mods, so you have wait until the modders release mods for mining (excavators, dumpers, trucks etc). The vehicles in game are compatible with the map, you can play and use all features with the default vehicles except TAR, for this you need use Kotte Universal Pack LS17.
The map need this mod in the mod folder:  AAA_UniversalProcessKit.zip (17.0.9)

Other mods I recommend:
Kotte Universal Pack LS17
Drive Control

Changelog v0.2
- free water on farm
- water in the mine is no more mineral water (now is normal water).
- the gold now is represented by a box and we pickup the box and sell the gold at the bank.
- more signals with information what product need in the place or extract in the place.
- information fillvolume in a display
- fabrickscript compatible with 1.4.2 game version
- the third railroad is complete
- add some animations (overloading pipe, water on goldmaster).
- concrete factory, goldmaster, asphalt factory, toutvenant factory now use fabrickscript instead UPK.

The problem in mutiplayer continue because the problem is on Universal process kit (UPK). I´m searching for a solution to create autofilltrigger.

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants / marhu / Blacksheep
Idea / Concept: Nonnus
Testing: Nonnus
Other: Giants
Alex / fin050808
teammoddingportugal LsPrO/Hektiker
And me: Nonnus

  • Dennis
    2017-02-26 19:41
    the tutorial for the map isnt available at mega is there another way to get the tutorial
  • Jerelazu
    2017-02-26 20:29
    Love the map, cant wait till someone with more skill than me gets some more heavy equipment converted / developed.
  • Blacky
    2017-02-27 02:50
    i wish you could make rar file so i can play this map mod zip file doesn't work on my computer
  • Gess
    2017-02-27 05:00
    Im still having problems with the UPK. I put in the map folder like it says and still can't get any material to load. Any help would be great
  • Olivier88
    2017-02-27 11:13
    impossible de ramasser du Soil (sol ) aucun mods ne me le permet ....dommage ....manque les Mods qui vont avec !!
  • Tbraz56
    2017-02-28 10:09
    for some reason -i can't collect water dirt or anything did the something as in the show case -the buildings for the fuel and water are pure white i am using a mac any and all help appreciated
  • Modpack
    2017-03-01 00:03
    I Love this update! Theres a box of gold that appears now! Everything is labeled, there a place to get free water. I wish someone would release the rock truck thats in the picture and a mixer for cement etc. Otherwise great update! BTW the 3rd train goes all the way around the map now!
  • Ara


    2017-03-01 15:19
    how do i transport TAR/BITUMEN?
  • Tyler
    2017-03-02 23:46
    Wont let me get anything in the mine any suggestions on how to fix this?
  • One wish
    2017-03-03 00:20
    I wish someone would make mining vehicles like an excavator with a bigger bucket cement truck loading truck and then a silo for all mining materials. Just a request. Cant wait for the 1.0 of this map to come out!
  • @tyler @ara
    2017-03-03 00:23
    You need the Universal process kit in the your mods folder. @ARA use the KOTTE universal trailers to load at the fuel depot. Its around the corner from your farm to the east. Hope that helps!
  • Problem
    2017-03-04 10:21
    I had the first version of the map and downloaded this version then got the vehicles from my old savegame with the old map and put them into a savegame with the new map.I cant load dirt I have the upk and I can load coal and limestone and stone but not dirt?Solution please
  • Bigbear
    2017-03-08 08:06
    love the map and the concept but is quite useless without access to mods that will work on it any ideas of witch one to use as a excavator ?
  • Jamie
    2017-03-20 23:46
    can not get cement to fuel up any help
  • Tonz138
    2017-03-26 05:58
  • Kquarry
    2017-03-26 18:10
    @Tonz138 - The Gold Machine packs your gold into small toolbox looking containers. Load these onto a truck or trailer (with straps, they're heavy!) and take them to the bank located next to the store in town. Their is a bank marker on map as well. Unload your gold boxes at the front door of the bank, they will accept them and pay accordingly.
  • Jean milot
    2017-03-27 22:00
    Hello I j essait to play in multi-on pc and we arrive not has to collect of the materrielle as the coal sands him(it) the limestone the stone can one make something thank you
  • Jean milot
    2017-03-27 22:01
    MINING & CONSTRUCTION ECONOMY V0.3 Hello I j essait to play in multi-on pc and we arrive not has to collect of the materrielle as the coal sands him(it) the limestone the stone can one make something thank you
  • Big d
    2017-03-29 08:43
    Downloaded the V 0.3 and can't load anything from the mining load points. I then downloaded the other versions and still can't load anything. soil, sandstone , gravel and etc. Is there a way to fix the loading points in the download version 0.3 ???
  • Tonz138
    2017-04-01 23:05
    Cool got the gold sold thank you @KQUARRY!! Fuel for cement?
  • Koalat
    2017-04-02 03:42
    I remember downloading the first version and it was complete garbage (probably needed the mining materials mod) but nonetheless, this map looked terribly textured and cheap. I mean overall, the idea is great and I am for one no great map modder myself, but any seasoned player knows what a great map looks like. I hope v0.3 is better...
  • Zorlac
    2017-04-04 16:36
  • Kquarry
    2017-04-05 02:51
    @TONZ - You'll need to haul fuel from the gas station to your fuel tank at the quarry. Then, once you've offloaded enough fuel into the storage tank into the quarry storage tank, you can reload fuel from the quarry storage tank into a kotte universal tank (any of them work, I recommend a small one). The crusher will then accept fuel from the kotte tank.
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