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Mitas PneuTrac v1.0 Beta
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Mitas PneuTrac v1.0 Beta

Hello all,
Today introduce the Mitas PneuTrac for FS2017!
Mitas' latest innovation is called Mitas PneuTrac. It brings together the best of both worlds of the traditional pneumatic tyres and rubber tracks. Mitas´ aim was to develop a tyre with a bigger footprint and low inflation pressure with even ground pressure distribution and less soil compaction. The answer is Mitas PneuTrac. “Mitas stands out as an innovator in the tyre industry.
The PneuTracs must be installed with Giants Editor! More information is in the zipfile!
I've also put them at the Fendt 700 series, download them here: https://www.modhoster.com/mods/fendt-700-mit-mitas-pneumatic-beta

Model: Beunheas
Textures: Beunheas
Ingame: Beunheas and Jantjetennis
Test: DMI
Rim: Giants Software and Jantjetennis


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