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Modern Farm v1.0
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Modern Farm v1.0

Hello this is my first published map for farming so I expect that she may have minor errors
I did it to the best of their abilities and in their tastes. Of course, if there are errors, please indicate their
and I try to remove them as soon as possible. V1 is a version that is quite possible that as like it will be the next versions.

And now a few words about the map:
- Map style as the name suggests modern farm fully playable
- It is a mistake to set point chances to sell pda (because they do not know exactly how it should be done, but if someone was kind to explain I would be grateful but does not affect the game.)
- Fields rectangular area of ​​1.5 ha to suspect about 4-5 ha (not checked).
- Feeding of cows and pigs in barns.
- Gas station close to where you can refuel :)
- 2 together crops
- Purchase of straw
- Chickens, pigs, cows
- Slaughterhouse
- Map has 22 fields and meadows 7
- The remote barn with pigs because of the odors
- The map does not have unnecessary objects, etc.
- Mod chopped
- Modern machines at the start

I repeat map made under my taste completely by myself do not like it do not download.
If you like I'll do another version, and look forward to your ideas. The package added needed fashion.

- Prohibition of change link.
- You can be on the other side without changing the author and description.
- You can remove the buildings which do not claim any rights because they are not mine.
- The ban on the issue of editing but you can edit to your own needs.


  • Kalkani
    2017-03-03 12:42
    it dossent work with any other skripts then the ones u put in to bad tho look good
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