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Moosburg Map v1.0
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Moosburg Map v1.0

Hi Guys

What you are offered here is The Mossburg Map
- saatgutlager, fertilizer storage is permanently installed on the farm.
- There is a highway, tank station, new dealer and much more
- In the whole map are very many things installed.
- A raffi for decoration was also installed firmly
- cow pasture, pasture and pigs
- The gates to the buildings are animated
- Bomb discovery in Mossburg
- It is a total of 7 months of work inside and unfortunately not all errors are free.

I will keep trying to fix all errors.
Have fun

Modell: Kaki power 29
Idee / Konzept: Kaki power 29
Sonstige: hiermit möchte ich mich bedanken bei allen moddern von dem ich die objekte und skripte verbaut habe

  • Allan
    2018-01-19 12:18
    carte bourré d’erreurs pas de trafic pas de piéton dommage belle carte.
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