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Multimap 2018 v1.0.0.0
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Multimap 2018 v1.0.0.0

Before I come to the actual description of the card, the following note:
Originally I did not want to publish a map here on Modhoster anymore. The reason lay in the multitude of offensive comments to my card Birkenhof. If this is the same repeating, then I will unabashedly disable the comment function again and then this is irrevocably the last mod that is published by me here. I always have an open ear for constructive criticism, but the sound makes the music. And there are no reasons to become insulting.
The LS Mapping Team presents you a remake of the map Multimap from 2014, back then for the LS 13.
We now say: Welcome to the Multimap 2018 for the LS 17.
The original mapper of this map is LF-Bauer. He had already invested a lot of effort and diligence in this card in 2014, and although there were several cards with this name, in my view, this card is the best of them all.
But first of all the "technical data" of the map:
4-fold with multi-fruit and choppedStraw

The following fruits are installed:
Standard fruits, sugar cane cultivation is possible, oats, rye, spelled, triticale, hops, tobacco, onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and red cabbage.
At this point, my special thanks to GMCW for the release of Porta Westfalica for use as an empty base map with these built-fruits.
The basis for this is the Multimap for the LS 15. However, this version never found its way into the public. Road, terrain and almost all old objects were taken 1: 1. The trees have been completely replaced. All productions that ran on UPK, were converted to the factory script. New production branches have been added. And there are numerous outlets.
There are two farm silos, one for cereals, the other for crops, cabbages, onions and carrots.
In addition, there is a feed store, this runs on the factory script.
Almost all produced goods can be stored in the logistics center, with a few exceptions. The logistics center consists of 2 large halls for dry goods, 2 smaller halls for fresh produce and vegetables, as well as a warehouse for empty pallets and board pallets.
There are 2 sawmills, one with paper production and 3 empty pallet production facilities. Furthermore, a pulp mill for the production of cardboard boxes. In addition to the normal raw materials, many productions also require these empty pallets and cardboard boxes.
In addition to hops and malt, the brewery also requires liquid yeast. This can be made in the dairy. The raw materials for liquid yeast are milk and molasses. Molasses is produced in the sugar factory. Malt is made in a small malt house on the site of the brewery.
We tried to make it possible for every fruit to be used in the productions. For example, Oat needed in Meyers manufactory for making oatmeal. Spelled can be processed in the mill, as well as rye. Triticale can be processed together with barley in the malting plant.
Some productions need products from other productions to produce their goods.
For most vegetables, there are special bottling plants. There the raw materials are packed on pallets. A special feature is the Kartoffelhof (Martinshof). There, the potatoes can be stored loose. But it is also possible to pack the potatoes as table potatoes on pallets. If the tape is full, and the goods have not been picked up, then all other produced pallets are automatically stored. Only when there is no more space, the production stops.
We have put a lot of effort and work into this card, it has been extensively tested extensively in the SP over several weeks. A test in the MP could not be carried out in the absence of a suitable team. Here I am dependent on the feedback from the user.
My special thanks go to LF-Bauer for providing us with this card as well as to my test players:
Wegerenz, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, and hyacinth lindauer
which have contributed significantly to the success of your card with your feedback, suggestions and ideas.
If, contrary to expectations, mistakes still occur, I ask for your feedback.
Now I wish you a lot of fun on the Multimap 2018.
I thank all modders for their objects that I have installed. Should I have overlooked someone, or someone wants to recognize his object and be mentioned by name, I will add this in the next version of my map.
It is not allowed to re-upload or rebuild the map !!! If you want to link the map, please use exclusively the ORIGINAL download link!
English: I thank all modders for their objects. If I have someone to overlook, I want to follow it up in the next version of my map.
It is not allowed to upload or rebuild the card and upload it again !!! If you want to link the map,
Please use the ORIGINAL download link!
Polska: Dziękuję wszystkim modulatorom za me obiekty, które zainstalowałem. Jeśli ktoś pominąłby kogoś lub ktoś chce rozpoznać jego przedmiot i być wymieniony po imieniu, podążam za nim w następnej wersji mojej mapy.
Never można przesyłać ani odbudowywać karty i przesłać ją ponownie !!! Jeśli chcesz połączyć mapę,
Użyj ORIGINAL download link!
Русский: Я благодарю всех моддеров за свои объекты, которые я установил. Если я упустил кого-то, или кто-то захочет узнать его объект и будет упомянут по имени, я последую за ним в следующей версии моей карты.
Не разрешается загружать или перестраивать карту и загружать ее снова !!! Если вы хотите связать карту,
The quality of the original download link!

Marhu, kevink98, joker301069, BlackSheep, Blacky_BPG, 112Tec
Umbau für LS17:
Einbau Multifrucht:
Objekte von, sofern bekannt:
Giants, Kastor, Der_Wanderer, möchtegernbauer, Nic89.1, 112TEC, Niggels, The Snake, scottryder, San Andreas, M1800Power, Bummi, Marhu, Devin, Hewaaa, Bigblue, GE -Mapping, dajun, wellano920, dds-modding, Ingolf, Katsuo, Blacky BPG, marc85, mike LSF Modding, PaPa, TuneWar, pisty, manni112, adam5525, SLJ-Agrar, Mark44, MCMC, borutcebuli, Der Melker, ni-modding, XAnonymousX, atze1978, odin1985, Gaucho, sherco58,LS-farming.nl, Farmeraner, KIK, Aerocool1, Trekkerbodo, Zefir, LS-Community
Auf der Karte befinden sich noch Objekte aus dem LS13, deren Herkunft mir nicht bekannt ist. Diese habe ich so von der ursprünglichen Karte übernommen.
Wer sein Objekt wieder erkennt und nicht erwähnt wurde, der kann sich jederzeit bei mir melden. Natürlich wird der Eintrag dann nachgeholt.
wegerenz, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, hyazinthlindauer

  • Pete
    2018-06-17 13:37
    Take no notice of the haters ,jealousy is there stock in trade ,looking forward to playing the map cheers .
  • Gary
    2018-06-17 14:14
    The little people that write the senseless and offensive comments really have no life of their own and have nothing better to do in life than to criticize others. It makes them feel big somehow. When these types of people go low our types should go (and remain) high. Keep up the good work!
  • L'ours des plaines
    2018-06-17 14:53
    Le son est bon et la musique très agréable.Très interressante carte,réussie et belle.juste un petit bémol,si les piétons ne sont pas indispensables ,un peu de circulation automobile serait un grand plus,neanmoins on ne s'ennuie pas et cela prouve que cette carte est très bonne.bravo et grand merci.
  • Cgb76
    2018-06-17 15:07
    a probar
  • Tazziczech
    2018-06-17 16:56
    Mapa je velmi pěkná,výroby a zájmů je taky celkem dost,jen mi vadí nedodělané PDA neobjevují se žádné ikony co kde je na mapě a pila mi nechce přijímat dřevní štěpky,tudíž nemůžu bohužel vyrábět desky pro paletárnu :(
  • Oldman
    2018-06-17 19:24
    Great map... but I don't read German... wish you would make an English version
  • Jim


    2018-06-17 20:22
    Great map, but would it be possible to make it with English translations also? I don't read German so it makes it a little more difficult.
  • Question
    2018-06-18 04:38
    Question is it seasons ready?
  • Gast
    2018-06-18 07:59
    Totaly Desaster
  • Digi
    2018-06-18 11:12
    how does the sawmill work at field 27. I do not get woodchips in it
  • Tony
    2018-06-18 15:37
    CRY BABY !!!!
  • Jim


    2018-06-24 21:25
    I like the map, good work, but I can not get the board pallet factories to take fuel ( woodchips or straw)?
  • Cdog
    2018-06-28 20:41
    What is used to fuel the saw mills
  • Mark
    2018-06-30 01:12
    Nice map. saw your post on ModHoster and got the sawmills working. The only problem i have is that there is no water. Lakes, rivers and ditches are all there, but no water.
  • Cowboy
    2018-07-14 20:30
    Hey Great map we cant find out how the logistikcenter works pleas help us. Thanks
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