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New Holland 116 Hydroswing Haybine v1.1
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New Holland 116 Hydroswing Haybine v1.1

Here is my FarmSim Steve's latest mod of a New Holland 116 Hydroswing Haybine. We used two 116 Hydroswings a lot on our farm growing up so I was highly motivated to have it look and feel just like it did growing up. I can honestly say I feel I hit the nostalgia just the way I intended and so I wanted to share this mod with the community.

Version 1.1
Fixed the textures for wheels pointing to wrong location

For extra-wide cutting in your largest fields, get the versatile performance of a 116 Series Haybine. The 116 mower offers a wide 16' cutting width without sacrificing in-field maneuverability or performance. With the Hydraswing arm you can rest assured your getting the most flexibility in the field.

Brand: Sperry New Holland
Price: $12,500
PTO: 540
NeedToPower: 50
Cutting Width: 16'
HydroSwing Left & Right
Reel & Auger
Rear Effect Node
Gets Dirty

I FarmSimSteve created the mod including programing and textures except for the following:
Models: Wheels and some Reel parts Stone Valley Modding
Decals: Ry Anomaly

  • The fordman
    2018-05-21 15:57
    It didnt Show up in my game
  • Guest
    2018-05-21 16:36
    Name needs to be shorten remove -v1_1 and it should work.
  • The fordman
    2018-05-21 21:17
    Now it Shows up with the Wheel but i cant raise or lower it and so it is not working !
  • Hillbilly
    2018-05-23 06:46
    It raises and lowers for me with "Left Ctrl V" its bound the to "Lower/Raise all tools" in the game options
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