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New Holland BB980 v2.2
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New Holland BB980 v2.2

New Holland BB980 Big Baler as we remember it from when it was made back in the FS11 with cord switch, available in two colors Red & Yellow.

Version 2.2
ModDesc update
Baler update
and other things

Single player tested
MP Ready
server Tested

Transport / working position: X
Start baler: B
Lower / Raise pickup: V
Open bale counter: R
Open the door on the left side: Y
Changing winds: X
Take the last baler out at the end: Y
Changing string at 75 bales.

Credits: FS11
J & B Modding
Benjamin Biot (J & B Modding)
Credits: FS17
Konveteret of GhostDK from Ghost Modding

Tested by:
Elgaard Memorial FS 17 Team.
John Andersen.
Bjarne Kjær.
Palle Schilling.
Martin Olsen Mekpan.
Christoffer Jepsen.
Michael Pedersen & Overgaard boys.

Model:J & B Modding (original) & GhostDK
Texture: J & B Modding (original) & GhostDK
Script: Benjamin Biot (J & B Modding), Xentro & GhostDK
Idea / Concept:

  • Chti farmer
    2017-03-22 14:21 Send message
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    n'apparait pas dans le magasin
  • Frito
    2017-03-22 20:13 Send message
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    did you happen to fix the weird shader issue with the bales?
  • Zzzzz
    2017-03-22 21:40 Send message
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    does not show up in my game, i did both methods of mod install drop in that didn't work & unzipped & doped in that didn't work either, what am i dong wrong?
  • Zzzzz
    2017-04-04 02:46 Send message
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    i updated my game to patch 1.44 & it works now & im loving these beasts.
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