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New Holland T4 Kommunal v2.0
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New Holland T4 Kommunal v2.0

A small tractor with 75 HP for easy work on the farm.
Front hydraulics, rear hydraulics and PTO front and rear as well as front loader console.
Everything tested and log errors free.
This mod is from the "Ls17_NewHollandT4_GardenEditionV1_2" by epic_pryda, which is my friend
Allowed to use and modify its mod. Thx epic_pryda!

Modell: epic_pryda/Giants/Moppy82
Textur: epic_pryda/Giants/Moppy82
Script: epic_pryda/Giants/Moppy82
Idee / Konzept: epic_pryda/Moppy82
Tester: Moppy82 und LU...

  • Kleeblatt
    2017-01-18 23:11
    "Everything tested and log errors free"liest man mit Wohlwollen, Danke für den Traktor
  • Hoosier
    2017-01-18 23:12
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