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NoCollisionCamera v17.0.0
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noCollisionCamera v17.0.0

Diser Mod changes the vehicle camera and ignores other vehicles, buildings or collisions.
Very advantageous when working in warehouses or in Maishäckseln.

Script: Heady
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Script: Heady

  • Marcroelse
    2016-10-27 23:03
    i am a noob ad mods for farming sumilator and i want to install this one how do i do that
  • Dreammaker
    2016-10-29 05:28
    Well marcroelse go to game folder and pick the farming game and open folder then look for mods folder then place mod in folder get winrar it helps but note some you have to open the winrar to get to the mods but it is as simpel as drag and drop
  • Dakota
    2018-12-24 04:04
    I keep getting Error: Not all prerequisites of specialization drivable are fulfilled I do not know what it means or if it pertains to noCollision Camera v17.0.3I do not see any other problems. Very helpful mod, thanks
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