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OakField Farm v1.0.0.0
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OakField Farm v1.0.0.0

Welcome to Oakfield Farm....this is a realistic map set in the area of Gloucestershire UK.
- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
- This map has additional fruits = Oats, Rye , Spelt , Millet. Fertilizer = Lime, compost.
- Includes GMKFC mod
- Custom crop/Grass textures with many other new textures for ground foliage etc.
- Two farms (Cows and Sheep) (Pigs and Chickens).
- Realistic map with everything from the real life area modelled and positioned.
- New plough texture.
- Detailed interior farm house
- Full seasons support with many new seasons textures and models (snowmen iccles etc.).
- 3 sell points,BGA etc.
- 48 fields small/medium/large which are all to scale and correctly positioned from real life.
- Real google image PDA map.
- 2 large placeable areas which have to be bought before you can place buildings.
- Over 100 new models made by myself.
- Forestry,sawmill area and missions all included.
- Chopped straw (pc only).
- Various custom sounds across the map.
- Multi terrain angle (pc only)

If you would like to use any objects,textures,scripts etc please either ask Oxygendavid or Bulletbill83. Thanks
I Hope you all like this map. -Oxygendavid.


  • Eddie c
    2018-02-02 17:24
    Thomas Excellent Map - Well done
  • Runar
    2018-02-02 17:32
    U make my day! :D great work
  • Kirk
    2018-02-02 23:58
    A lot of hype and a lot of wait, hopefully it's worth it
  • Kirk
    2018-02-03 02:42
    Yup, it's good. Forestry is weak but you can could edit it to make it better
  • Rayamo
    2018-02-03 12:09
    @EDDIE C: Thomas is not the modder of that map - he is only the thief who uploaded it on this platform.
  • Richard
    2018-02-06 12:33
    Worst map ever to come too fs17 , its incomplete has a great deal of error issues thats not showing in log but is there, bulletbills maps and Blacksheep moddings map are the best of fs17 #Fact
  • Bert
    2018-02-06 22:23
    Dont need to ask any permissions about objects or textures as once public its anybodys #Fact
  • @bert
    2018-02-08 22:08
    That's common courtesy or would you rather have modders licensing their works with restrictions? It takes a really long time to create mods and maps, at least you can ask and also give them credit.
  • Alexis
    2018-03-18 23:12
    lo coloque en la carpeta mod pero no me lo toma el juego
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