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OGF USA MAP 2018 v2.0
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OGF USA MAP 2018 v2.0

Hello everybody,

Version 2
- The BGA should only work.
- The Pigfoodmixer should produce Pigfood.
- All outlets should work now.
Lots of little things.

I can not stop so there is again an OGF USA MAP.
This is not a realistic map. Model was the area around Coldwater Michigan USA.

- Construction time of the map 6 months
- This map contains all the features of the LS 17
- This map has additional fruits = rye, oats, spelled, etc
- The chopped straw mod was installed
- The Fabirc script was also installed.
- Milk trigger to take away the milk itself. The sale takes place at the Koeger market in the city
- There are 4 farms. 1 The main farm for cows. 2. The BGA 3. The Scheinehof. Here you can produce pig feed. 4. Soutforkranch from the series Dallas, chickens, sheep and horses.
- On the main farm you can make your own seed and your own fertilizer.
- The main courtyard also contains a grain dryer. Here you can dry wheat, gesture and corn.
- The main courtyard also contains a fermenting silo and a feed mixing plant.
- The Stand Coldwater is in reality. Some houses were created on a real model.
- The map does not support the Seasons Mod.
- There are several unloading points.
- The map has different sized fields, 27 pcs.
- There is a placeable area at the main courtyard. Here you can place your own placeble objects. A smaller area can be found on the Soutforkranch.
- Altogether over 350 new houses and objects were installed.
- There are huge forests and of course a small sawmill
- There is an airport, a golf course, there is a non-wheeled train on the map and there are several ways to store fruits.

I hope you like the map Lg -BERNIESCS.

- Frontier
- Marhu
- Blacksheep
- kevink98
- Lancyboy
- ccs101

  • Boomer
    2018-07-05 05:11
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    Thanks, I love the map and everything I tried works so far, but I still can not sell woodchips at the sawmill, I couldn't before the update and still can't find trigger around or on woodchip pile. If I drive by with chips in the Burks wood chipper it will shoot them at the pile and I will get paid but can't unload wagon there.
  • Donnie
    2018-07-05 06:22
    0 0
    hell of a map still no water add on are mud are season get that then you got everybody bet
  • Judge trend
    2018-07-05 12:19
    0 0
    It's a cool map but you have to mention at each update that its chopped straw addon NOT COMPATIBLE otherwise it doesn't start. It crashes to desktop.
  • Donnie
    2018-07-05 12:43
    0 0
    good morning its time to get up and go to work on season mod today water through add on today and mud ill sudscribride when I see it done yea its a hell of a map could be more real
  • John x
    2018-07-05 13:13
    0 0
    @Judge are you using the Chopper Straw Mod in the mod file ? because this mod is integrated
  • Judge trend
    2018-07-05 14:38
    0 0
    @JOHN X didn't noticed! No chance yet to crop. Thanks for the info :)
  • Chopped straw
    2018-07-05 16:52
    0 0
    I don't think chopped straw works. I turned the mod on in game and off to see and nothing, it didn't crash my game which is good :D
  • Dalton67
    2018-07-05 19:02
    0 0
    la vision au dela de la cabine ...affolant soum desoum ca narrete pas ....
  • Flubyyou
    2018-07-06 07:23
    0 0
    Is there a place to buy liquid fertilizer?
  • John x
    2018-07-06 09:38
    0 0
    @ Flubyyou I dont think so.
  • Lego55
    2018-07-08 18:04
    0 0
    this map is not MP ready
  • @lego55
    2018-07-09 10:26
    0 0
    MP is working. The mistake is at your side !
  • Akthesavag
    2018-07-11 09:47
    0 0
    Had no idea this map was based in Michigan! Very awesome!Being from Michigan i love to see these maps in Farm Sim!
  • Antone52
    2018-07-13 01:19
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    Great map, everything seems to work, except when I click on Animal Dealer the game crashes, even when I visit it, so get the animals from the farms. How do you put straw into the cow shed? That's the only problem I found so far!!
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