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Old Mills Farms v1.0
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Old Mills Farms v1.0

Good American style map, based on the Hoosier of old, but this was fully built from scratch with a blank map.

Roger Stanlet, Torquewrench1, Bartman_78, MrWatts

  • Ron


    2017-02-19 02:31
    how do u expect to start farming with no mechinery or not enough money to get anything
  • Lee


    2017-02-19 03:44
    Same way I did
  • Anthony
    2017-02-19 05:24
    FLAT,FLAT,FLAT,FLAT,FLAT,FLAT,FLAT,FLAT, Boring.........Huge bears and deer in a tiny ass forest, what a joke... What's with all the maps being FLAT all the time, no body has any imagination. Waste of time again...
  • Jj


    2017-02-19 11:08
    No prob to just start with a pick up :) Buy a chainsaw and start cutting trees. Take some time but who cares. I realy looking forward to play this one. Finaly an open map, without all the rubbish sheds and a million trees at the start point, that most modders trow after us. And also this is not a goldcrest copy. must be thousend of them now.
  • Dirtbroke
    2017-02-19 19:20
    Nice job. One of the better looking, smoother playing American maps I have seen. I enjoy playing it. Thank You for your work & talents.
  • Mk5boost
    2017-02-25 01:53
    where the sheep pin?
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