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Overloading pipe VR-175 v1.0
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Overloading pipe VR-175 v1.0

Here you can find LS-Pitstop VR-175 overhead strainer for spreading fertilizer spreader, seed drill, trailer.
- Fold: Press the X button
- Remove the pipe and start filling: Press the O button

Idee/Modell/Textur: Holli72, Undertaker75 Ingame: Ernstl, TheMaiky1989

  • Alexfarmer
    2017-09-26 13:16
    video review https://youtu.be/1ytnHpG4q8c?t=29s
  • Grizzbro89
    2017-09-27 00:43
    This is cool. Would be cooler if it would pick stuff up off the ground....and be able to turn left and right.
  • Irapa
    2017-09-27 06:08
    Why does that ugly ass mofo insist on inserting his picture onto the mod picture? Makes me not want to download it. I wont then.
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