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Pacific Inlet Logging v2.1
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Pacific Inlet Logging v2.1

Only forestry on this map. From the top of the mountains to the bottom of the swamps.

Change-log (
- Tree physics have been adjusted to better handeling.
- 2000+ trees have been adjusted for better placements.
- 95% of floating trees have been fixed. Leaving some room just in case a few are found.
- 100% Trees that were placed so close to each other they were touching have been moved apart.
- 95% of all trees laying on the ground have been adjusted. There should no longer be trees completely underground. All should be cuttable now.
- The mill now has indicators for sell points.
- The ramp at the drop in sell deposit no longer looks like a grain sell point.
- The water sell point has been removed.

Change-log (
- Cleaned up the original FDR Logging map so it qualifies for modhub.

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer FDR Logging
Category Map
Author FDR Logging and MyrithisCatalyst
Size 185.87 MB
Released 20.02.2017
Platform PC/MAC

FDR Logging and MyrithisCatalyst

  • Adam
    2017-02-21 00:03
    Is there something i'm missing that is needed to play this map? Every time I try it I move and things keep going in that direction and then dont respond after they stop but the game is still running and I can look around. I like the layout but as of now is impossible to play.
  • Robert
    2017-02-22 21:39
    The new updated version don,t work. It is impossible to play finding out after down loading it. The first version does work. Whats that file the computer can not access?. Had to reset the computer to a earlier restore point. Can you fix it please.
  • The driver
    2017-02-22 22:38
    I have the same problem that adam has .... :/ really stupid bug, please try to fix it :)
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