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Pack Ferry for Mining & Contruction Economy map v0.1
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Pack Ferry for Mining & Contruction Economy map v0.1

This is a pack for Mining & Construction Economy map. The ferry may not be compatible with other maps, because the maps and the ferry need to be adjusted to each other. So if you try use the ferry on other map two things can happen. One the ferry go to the bottom, two the ferry stay much above water level.

This pack contain three mods:
Augerwagon for ferry
special trailer for carry the ferry

Please go to videos section and watch the video to see how works the augerwagon coupling to the ferry.

Model: Al_Bundy; josetp/hugotp/lsmoddingtp; gnescher,GTX Mods
Texture: Al_Bundy; josetp/hugotp/lsmoddingtp; gnescher,GTX Mods
Script: Al_Bundy; josetp/hugotp/lsmoddingtp; gnescher,GTX Mods
Idea / Concept: Nonnus
Testing: Nonnus

  • Ich


    2018-02-17 18:13
    Ferry und AR Container nicht kaufbar
  • Jacky
    2018-02-17 22:11
    Ich: fonctionne bien, verifier votre dossier mods, vous avez un conflit
  • Oxalis83
    2018-02-18 16:35
    super video mais ,perso j ai pas le quai a l usine ,tremis pret du ciment non plus et surtout le bateau fait ..le sous marin domage pour moi
  • Oxalis83
    2018-02-18 18:43
    oups j avais pas la v 0.1 de mining la ca flotte et avec le quai bon a savoir
  • Gino
    2018-02-18 20:21
    Hi nice mod, but where can i download the MAN truck?
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