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Palettenwerk placeable v1.0.3
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Palettenwerk placeable v1.0.3

Palettenwerk placeable.
Manufacturer of wood pallets and wood chips for further use in the production chain "SVAPA agro". 100% compatible with the mod from "SVAPA agro". Tested on standard maps.
the cost 150000
the contents on day 10
We are the developers of this mod. Only here you will be able to find new versions of our mods.

development "SVAPA agro" (mikki, Hippocampus), scripts from kevink98/Marhu

  • Younb
    2017-03-12 19:16
    Pourquoi passer par uploaded.net ???
  • Sdl


    2017-03-12 20:31
    c'est jusque une question argents
  • Alexandro
    2017-03-13 20:46
    It's a good mod, but there is a small problem with the platform. If you use a tractor it's a bit difficult to take the pallets , so either you put a small ramp in front of the platform, or you must use a telehandler.
  • Cheyenne
    2017-04-19 11:26
    Most times when I remove the pallets, production does not start again. It shows it still full.
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