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Peterbilt 379 Custom v1.0
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Peterbilt 379 Custom v1.0

This is a mod Peterbilt 379 Custom i converted from Farming simulator 2015, it will work with Farming simulator 2017, I do not own this mod. Please leave any errors you find in the comments, as i have not done extensive testing on this mod, and i will look into them! Thank You!\
Known Issues
- reverse lights stay on
- camera can get "stuck" under truck

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  • Terrance burkheimer
    2017-01-09 16:22 Send message
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    Thanks for converting my mod pack from fs15 ill work on fixing known issues.
  • Jaw818
    2017-01-10 01:11 Send message
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    Terrance if you'd like to email me, id be more than happy to work with you, You have some amazing mods! [email protected]
  • Ohmylawdy
    2017-01-13 02:04 Send message
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    Great mod idea, but it is awful to use in game. Camera angles and zoom need to be set to the game's default. It feel like I zoomed into the truck because it was too far away or something.
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