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Peterbilt 379 Flat Top v1
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Peterbilt 379 Flat Top v1

This is the flat top Pete from FS 13. It has been redone to get dirty and has a moving fifth wheel.


  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-15 18:46 Send message
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    Since this mod is not by TFS, I will definitely give it a download and review it :)
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-15 21:29 Send message
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    i have fixed a few things on this mod frame is a different color/ separate from the cab turning is a lot better and speed has been fixed
  • @failandaea
    2016-12-16 06:32 Send message
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    f*ck what u think and f*ck your stupid channel
  • Awwww
    2016-12-16 08:27 Send message
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    is some one a little butt hurt u sound a little salty buddy take the dildo out of your ass
  • Dan


    2016-12-17 01:32 Send message
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    Is there any way I could get you to make a mod of my semi truck. I have a 2007 freightliner Century with a chrome bumper and a large chome sunscreen. Send me an email and I will get pics to you if you are interested
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