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Peterbilt 389 Grain Truck v2.0
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Peterbilt 389 Grain Truck v2.0

This is my private mod from FS15 that I had converted to FS17 for sharing. Please enjoy.
*Warning* Will not work with "LightAddOn 2.0" mod in FS17 Mod Store, the game will not load up.
Error Free. All lights work. Full interior. Gauages work with lights. 6 wheel drive. Rear worklight. Box tilts. Hatch opens. Cover works. Capacity 60.000 L. Price $100.000.

John McWade. RaceTime911. Winston9587.

  • Bigben
    2016-11-19 18:12 Send message
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    this mod looks good but once u get into it u cant do nothing an then u start losing money fast
  • Fs17
    2016-11-22 16:28 Send message
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    This mod is great, works perfectly for me. Looks amazing. Thanks.
  • 429


    2016-11-23 07:46 Send message
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    also does not work with 4real tire track mod
  • Ffs


    2016-11-25 23:29 Send message
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    dynamic camera ruined it
  • Allan
    2016-12-03 15:12 Send message
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    i got it to down load but when i go to the store to buy it it will not show it shows me the it will be at the store but it is trying to load it up after i buy it then it just shows it down loading from the store
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-10 02:10 Send message
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    any way to remove the real light add on, as i like the sound of this truck being a V2 of it.
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