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Photorealistic Round Bales v1.0
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Photorealistic Round Bales v1.0

An another Photorealistic images of straw, hay and grass round bales texture base on google image search.

- all you have to do is extract this 3 diffuse files from edzsystemRoundbales.rar and copy/paste and overwrite to Farming Simulator 17/data/objects/roundbales folder.

backup your raw file first!!
have a nice day Farmer!!
squarebales coming soon...

edwin "edzsystem" morandarte from philippines

  • Edzsystem
    2017-01-25 04:23
    if you have an any idea or suggestion to modify this texture, comment here thank you
  • ?


    2017-01-26 06:13
    im confused to where it goes
  • Edzsystem
    2017-01-26 15:19
    what do you mean?
  • Potato
    2017-02-14 23:49
    make grass purple straw metalic gold and hay blue
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