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Pitbull blade v1.0
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Pitbull blade v1.0

Trailer Park Farms presents Pitbull blade for 17. 
This is my first fan release with more to follow.
**DISCLAIMER, this mod requires xml work to function. 
<attacherJoint index="0>??????" upperRotation="0 0 0" lowerRotation="0 0 0" lowerTransLimit="0 0 0" lowerRotLimit="0 0 0" moveTime="2" >
<schema position="0 0.4" rotation="0" invertX="true" />
to the tractor of your choice and create a empty transform near the front of the tractor, then adjust the index. Add a transform in ge and put the y rotate at -90. Best was is to have a temp
Copy of the tractor u are using. Import the blade into ge with tractor and place it where u want then place the attacher where the attach node of the blade is. Then copy the xyz translates then put those numbers in for the attacher node on your good copy of tractor.


  • Ich


    2017-12-07 19:23
    warum gehen hier keine DLs mehr
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-09 21:14
    mod review here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v5ovu56A0s
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